In with the other relics at the Port Dover Harbour Museum. Mr. Bell doesn’t actually play the fiddle as much as he used to - He should get back at it again. Photo by Andrea Carvalho



Details may be sketchy for some, but I’ll fill them in as they become available. Other gigs are also sure to fill in some of the gaps

so check back now and then.

October 2

Songs of WWI at

Waterloo Regional Museum

with Tom Leighton

Oct 21- 23

FOlk Music Ontario conference

Ottawa - various times with various folks

Oct 26 - 27

Roy Thompson Hall - Toronto

Telling rum-running stories with tom allen

between numbers with

the toronto symphony


November 6

Concert in harrington, Ontario

with The Allison Lupton band

November 15 - 27

Tour of Yukon, BC and NWT

with Anne Lederman

Details at

December 2

Concert in KING CITY Ontario

with Anne Lederman, Tom Leighton,

Martin Van De Ven

December 18

Christmas Concert At Cranberry Creek Gardens in Lynedoch, ON

(with a Cast of Thousands)

Details at

December 28 - 29

Hogmanay At Gibson House Museum


“One of Canada's best songwriters, storytellers, musicologists and musicians. He's a true renaissance man... and he always puts on one helluva show!" - James Gordon